If you’re like most people, the new year brings with it a time of reflection and goal setting. There’s a lot of buzz about making it “your best year ever;” but what does that really mean? And, how do you do that in your business?

Let’s talk about 4 practical tips that can help you better your business this coming year.

“It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.” – Kristin Armstrong

  1. Fresh Perspective: When was the last time you challenged the perspective of how you attract new clients? Many get caught in the cycle of doing things the same way year after year without considering, or, re-considering “why?”

For example, I was working with a client on their Action Plan for the year. As we came to the summer months the owner mentioned their annual “Christmas in July” promotion. When I asked a few questions about why, it revealed there really wasn’t a solid reason. One person suggested that it increased sales. When we reviewed the actual sales numbers, it showed, that while it seemed to boost sales in the month of July, it reduced their total sales for the months of June and August. Not growing their bottom line after all.

This is when we decided it was time to try something new.

As you journey into the new year, take a few steps back to review what you’re currently doing. Ask yourself “why?” Then check your reasons with the data. Maybe it’s time to make some changes.

 “Sometimes you just have to be willing to delegate and not feel like you’re the only one with the answer.” – Ronald D. Moore

  1. Train: As an entrepreneur growing your business is one of the most personal things there is. That’s why we refer to it as our “baby,” right? Just like wanting our literal babies to develop and grow, we must learn to let go at the right times to see them succeed. Business is just the same.

What stage are you in your business?

Maybe it’s time for you to take your “first steps.” Have you accomplished all you can as a DIY, wonder person, wearer-of-all-hats, figuratively crawling to get everything accomplished all by yourself?

Look at all the hats you’re currently wearing. Pick out just one or two that simply aren’t your favorite. Rather than trying to crawl another year with the weight of every task, you can make larger strides towards your business growth by taking the “first steps” of delegation.

Develop the standards for maintaining a consistent brand image. Create accountability with processes. Take the time to train. Trust, and verify.  Soon, wobbly steps will turn into stable, running, legs.

“Stay focused on the mission.” – Naveen Jain

  1. Stay focused: It sounds simple but, living in this fast-paced, media and technology driven society, it’s hard not to get distracted. As things change and new opportunities present themselves it can get confusing. How can you stay on track?

The key to staying focused is having a clear goal.

Think beyond the bottom line. Consider the packages or client base that will help your reach those targets quicker. Focusing your growth campaigns on those larger clients or packages doesn’t mean you stop selling your smaller options. Rather, it allows you to propel forward in a focused and rewarding way.

Who are the larger clients you want to target this year?

By doing this, you can avoid getting distracted with every “latest opportunity.” Calculate if this opportunity targets your larger clients or will help feed the bigger goals. If not, set it aside.

“If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives – and you always stay focused on that service – the financial success will follow.” -Brendon Burchard

  1. Add Value: How do you communicate value? The easiest way is to solve a problem.

Your prospects are looking for your services because they have a problem. Likely, they have several. Take the time to think through what those problems are, and how you solve them. Highlight the aspects of your solution or the experience that is unique to working with you. Developing content from their point of view is both more engaging and offers real value.

You can also create opportunities to teach. Empowering your prospects not only adds value but builds trust. This does not require you to give your expertise away for free. Rather, this method of adding value, is all about positioning yourself as an expert and educating your audience to that fact. An easy way to do this is through well written case studies.

Think of one of your favorite clients. What problem did they have when they came to you? How did you solve that problem? What was the clients result?

This naturally leads your prospect to see themselves in the story and see that you’re the expert to go to for results.

Ultimately, when it comes to growing your business, each new year holds the potential for your best year ever. When it comes to realizing it, remember to check your perspective, avoid a lone ranger mentality, keep your eyes on the target, and always come from a place of value.

You’ve got the map. Follow the money.